Experienced whistleblower law firm that protects whistleblowers rights and anonymity for reporting fraud against the government.  The False Claims Act protects whistleblowers and also rewards whistleblower for reporting fraud against the government.

Whistleblower lawsuits, also know as Qui Tam lawsuits, allow whistleblowers to receive up to 30 percent of any recovery.  However, the False Claims Act requires whistleblowers to follow specific laws and guidelines in order to receive a reward.  Because the lawsuit is filed on behalf of the government, the law requires a whistleblower to be repressed by counsel.  It is important to chose a lawyer that is experienced in FCA cases.

Common types of fraud against the government that is covered by the FCA includes:

The False Claims Act also protects whistleblowers from workplace retaliation.  Retaliation may include: reduction in pay, loss of employment, loss of advancement or promotion, demotions, and other harassment.  Damages for workplace retaliation may include job reinstatement, two times back pay, special damages, and attorneys fees.

If you are considering becoming a whistleblower it is important to consult with an experienced whistleblower lawyer.

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