The Thanksgiving holiday sees the heaviest highway travel of the year.

At the Miller Law Group, our personal injury practice group has over 50 years of experience with car accident claims.

Many of those claims happen around holidays, especially Thanksgiving.

We want to help if you’ve been hurt, but we’d much rather than you weren’t in a wreck at all. So here are some tips to avoid injuries from car accidents around Thanksgiving (and other holidays):

🍗  Give yourself more extra time than you think you need

🍗  Don’t text and drive

🍗  If you MUST call or text, get off the highway, not just on the shoulder

🍗  Make sure to take frequent breaks on long drives

🍗  Stretching your legs and getting a good cold drink of water helps keep you awake 

🍗  Provide the kids with some kind of entertainment that doesn’t distract you from the road

These steps can help you avoid becoming the cause of accident, and help keep you, your family, and everyone else on the road safe this Thanksgiving.

If someone else doesn’t follow our advice and they hurt you or a loved one, give us a call to see how we can help.  The consultation is free and we only get paid if we get you a recovery. Contact us through our website here, or call 919-348-4361.


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