Car accidents of all sorts spike during the last 10 weeks of every year.

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents and injuries soar around Halloween.

Thanksgiving and Christmas see car, motorcycle and trucking collisions rise as more people travel for the holidays.

Drunk driving accidents and fatalities significantly increase around Halloween, Christmas Eve, and New Years.

The insurance industry has over a half-century of data on holiday injuries, and they’re constantly coming up with new tactics to deny or de-value your claim.

Insurance companies know you have a lot going on during the holidays, and that accidents add significant stress, so they push hard to tempt to settle before you see your family doctor and certainly before you talk to a lawyer. Fatalities during the holiday season are even more terrible, and insurance adjusters often reach out to seem caring, then advise they’re stepping back until you contact them.  This seems like they’re respecting your privacy, and perhaps individually some are.  But they are also banking on you not knowing that wrongful death claims have a statute of limitations which is one year SHORTER than a claim that doesn’t involve death: they’re hoping you miss the statute. That shorter statute is a law the insurance companies lobbied long and hard for, in order to protect their interests, and hurt yours.

The lawyers of the Miller Law Group, however, also have over a half-century of combined experience in fighting insurance companies. In fact, our lawyers have fought for our clients all the way to a verdict in over 100 jury trials.  If you or someone you know has been injured, contact us today by clicking here, or call us at 919-348-4361 for a free consultation.


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