If you’ve been bitten or otherwise attacked by someone else’s dog, you likely have a personal injury claim. These cases are different from other types of personal injuries because they involve an animal.  Sadly, our lawyers have seen lots of these claims over the years, and have some ideas for how to protect yourself. If you are ever attacked by a dog, here are some tips to help:

●  DON’T PANIC: you’re smarter than the dog, and you’re probably bigger

●  DEFEND YOURSELF: whether you are bigger or not, a big dog or a pack of dogs can cause severe injuries or even death, so fight back

●  GET TO A PLACE OF SAFETY:try to remove yourself, but be careful, because running can trigger a dog’s predatory instinct; also avoid turning your back on the dog if you can

●  GET HELP: Yelling for help (actually yelling the word “FIRE!” is most effective in getting people’s attention) is exactly the right thing to do

●  GET MEDICAL HELP: if you can contact the owner, find out quickly if the dog is up-to-date on its shots, especially for rabies; if it’s not, IMMEDIATELY get to an urgent care, ER, or your family doctor

Dog attacks are terrible incidents. Animal owners are required by law to control their pets, and to keep them vaccinated. Don’t take a chance if you’ve been attacked. The attorneys at the Miller Law Group have over 50 years of combined experience with handling dog bites and other animal attacks.  Contact us today to discuss your claim. If we can help, we’ll take the case on a contingency fee, so you only pay us if we get you a recovery. We’ve got your back.

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