Each personal injury claim is a little different. Some of the same laws apply to most or all personal injury claims, like the statute of limitations and basic laws of negligence. However, the facts of each case are often unique to that specific incident. Some people only treat for a few doctors’ visits.  Others may spend months or even years trying to get better from their injuries. It’s up to you and your doctors to decide how long you need to get treatment and what type to get. Here are five facts that can determine the length of your treatment:

✦     What kind of treatment you and your doctors decide you need;

✦     How long it takes to complete your treatment; it can often take weeks or months to be schedule for surgical procedures, or for consulting with a specific doctor;

✦     How effective the treatment is, and what kind of follow-up treatment you need after a procedure;

✦     Whether you need time to let natural healing take place; this is common with cases that involve a scar, as it can take months to determine just how well the body can heal itself after reconstructive surgery;

✦     If you have a personal injury claim that is “piggy-backed” with a workers’ compensation claim, it often takes longer to get treatment, since it has to be approved by the workers’ compensation company;

The lawyers at the Miller Law Group have handled thousands of personal injury claims, and they can advise you as to how long something is likely to take. Insurance companies often won’t even negotiate until all your treatment is done, so that adds time at the end.  Likewise, negotiating for reduction of liens from health insurance and medical providers can also add significant time to the end of your claim. Our lawyers know how to move these cases forward, and they’ll keep you advised each step of the way.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  We’re the Miller Law Group, and we’ve got your back.

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