If you have been injured in a car accident and have filed a lawsuit to pursue your claim, the law in North Carolina requires you to mediate your claim before going to trial.  The personal injury lawyers at Miller Law Group have over 50 years of combined experience mediating personal injury claims.

Mediation is a confidential method of resolving person injury claims. Unlike an arbitration where an arbitrator(s) decides your claims, mediation uses a third party mediator to facilitate settlement discussions between the parties.

The mediation process begins with a joint session with all the parties and their lawyers present. There, the parties give their side of the story to the mediator so the main issues in the case are clear.

The parties then split into different rooms.  The mediator talks with the parties individually to see if the claim can resolve.

In North Carolina, all mediators are trained and are usually experienced lawyers or retired judges.  If you choose to settle your claim at mediation, it will be your choice.  No one can force you to compromise or settle your claim.

The lawyers at Miller Law Group have over 50 combined years of representing victims of car accidents, truck accident, motorcycle accidents, and victims otherwise injured by the negligence of others.

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