Personal injury claims are never easy. Whether you’ve been attacked by an animal, hurt in a car wreck, hit on your bicycle or motorcycle, or hurt by a drunk driver, you’re dealing with a lot of loose ends.

Don’t let your rights be the loose end that gets away from you.

Insurance companies are allowed by law to mislead you on your personal injury claim. They can’t flat-out lie to you, but they can leave out important rights, suggest they have power that is actually YOURS, and pressure you to settle too soon.

Long gone are the days when a lawyer and an insurance adjuster could just sit down and work out a half-dozen cases in a phone call. Insurance companies are 100% against you.  You need someone who is 100% in your corner.

Our lawyers believe that preparation is the key to victory. To bring you victory, we take extra steps that others don’t.

  1. We take fewer cases than other firms, so we give your case the attention it deserves
  2. We take most cases by referral from judges, other lawyers, and former clients
  3. We conduct focus groups regularly, often more than once a month, to give your case an edge
  4. We maintain a local and national network of experts so we’re ready to support your case with science and technology
  5. We spend tens of thousands of dollars of our own money every year to attend seminars with the best attorneys in the world, so we combine their expertise with our own to help YOU

That means less profits for us, but that’s okay: our profits come from knowing you’re protected, and that we did right by you.

Don’t look to the past for your claim: look to the FUTURE.  Our lawyers are here to move your FOWARD. Contact us by using our website (click here) or call us at 919-348-4361. If necessary we can come to you, or you can visit our state-of-the art facility in Raleigh.

What is the Insurance Company Hiding From You?

Results from Some Prior Cases