Were You or a Loved One Hurt by a Drunk Driver? Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyers Share that Bars or Restaurants May Also Accountable

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Nearly THRITY-THREE PERCENT of all drunk driving arrests involve repeat offenders. That’s right: a full one-third of drunk drivers haven’t learned their lesson.

As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues to point out: these numbers are only for the ones who are caught.  The real numbers of repeat offenders for drunk driving are actually much, much higher.

Many drunk drivers have had their drinks at a bar or restaurant, or continued drinking at one after they drank at home.

In North Carolina, if a restaurant or bar serves someone they know or should know is driving, and they knew or should have known is intoxicated, they they can be held accountable for money damages when that driver hurts or kills someone.

Even at .04 or .05 blood alcohol concentration (BAC), which is half the legal limit to be considered legally intoxicated, most people will start showing signs of intoxication. Within just two or three more drinks, they are likely at a level of .08 to .10, at which point they are unquestionably drunk. Beyond this level, there is really no doubt when is a person is drunk, as they will have trouble speaking or standing.

Drunk driving collisions can cause horrible injuries and death. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a drunk driver, contact us by clicking here or calling us at 919-348-4361. Our firm knows how to look for clues about liability against bars for serving intoxicated customers.

The drivers aren’t the only ones who are repeat offenders: let us help you hold negligent bars responsible.

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