Drunk drivers are still a huge threat on our highways.

Despite decades of public awareness campaigns, the work of groups like MADD and SADD, and increasingly tough laws, drunk driving still kills over 10,000 people each year in the United States.

If you’re hurt by a drunk driver, you must be VERY careful when dealing with the adjuster.

Your case is one of only a few in which you are entitled to punitive damages, and the adjuster won’t tell you that. You are also entitled to separate punitive damages for the damage to your vehicle; and the adjuster won’t tell you that.

North Carolina has limitations on what anyone can recover in punitive damage cases, EXCEPT when it comes to drunk driving cases.  The adjuster definitely won’t tell you that or explain ANYTHING about how that may work in your favor.

We work with our district attorneys to see what both the criminal AND civil justice systems are working to protect you and your family from the consequences of injuries from a drunk driver.

Our personal injury practice leader and firm founder Stacy Miller have over 50 years of combined experience in drunk driving cases. They’ve taken these cases to trial when the insurance company refused to be fair to our clients. They’ll do the same for you.

We don’t take every case that calls us, and we don’t take every case to trial. But we want to take cases where we think a client is better off WITH US, than without us. We take cases to trial when that’s what it takes to get you the recovery you deserve. Call us today at 919-348-4361 or click here to use our website to set up a risk-free consultation.

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