Miller Law Group represents whistleblowers who report fraud against government programs.   The North Carolina False Claims Act, like the federal False Claims Act, protects and awards whistleblowers who report fraud against the government.

The False Claims Act has a “qui tam” provision that authorizes whistleblowers to file lawsuits on behalf of the government.  These lawsuits are call qui tam complaints, and are filed “under seal” – meaning in secret.  The lawsuit remains under seal to allow the government the opportunity to investigate and decide whether to intervene.

The whistleblower, called a relator, is entitled receive up to 25% of any recovery when the government intervenes in the case, and up to 30% when the government chooses not to intervene.

Both the federal and the North Carolina False Claims Acts protect whistleblowers from workplace retaliation by their employers. Damages under the FCA may include:  job reinstatement, two times any lost back pay, special damages, and attorneys’ fees.

The most common types of fraud reported under the False Claims Act are Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud and Government Contract Fraud.

It is important to speak with an experienced whistleblower lawyer prior to reporting the fraud. If not reported correctly, whistleblowers may forfeit their potential award, and may not get all the protections they otherwise can use.

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