Drunk driving injuries are still a major problem on our highways.

Despite years of programs designed to stop drunk driving, it’s still a huge issue.

Drunk drivers often drive at incredible speeds, on the wrong side of the road, and even drive out of the road, into parking lots and private yards.

Alcohol impairs judgment and perception more than people realize, and when they get behind the wheel, disaster often strikes. An experienced drunk can start a car or truck even when someone else would have passed out from the same level of drinking.  But that person still can’t possibly operate a vehicle safely.

The continued epidemic of drunk driving is what why the North Carolina General Assembly specifically allows juries to grant punitive damages against drunk drivers, both to STOP that driver from repeating their dangerous conduct, and to PREVENT others from doing the same.

You may also have claims against bars and restaurants who continue to serve someone who’s drunk. Once someone is drunk enough to be charged with a DUI, (meaning a blood alcohol level of at least .08) they will start to exhibit some symptoms that they’re drunk.  Just two or three more drinks would push them to a level of intoxication where there’s no question that they’re drunk.

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