How Much Time Do You Have to Bring a Personal Injury Claim? Top-Rated Car Accident Lawyers Share That Information

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Be aware that all the states have their own time limits for different types of personal injury claims. The time period for bringing a claim is called the “statute of limitations.” Different types of cases have different time limits.

In North Carolina, most personal injury claims have to be brought within THREE YEARS from the date of the injury. That includes claims for car accidents, trucking collisions, animal attacks, and slip-and-fall injuries. If you live in North Carolina, but were hurt in another state, then you generally have to follow THAT state’s statute of limitations.

If you don’t bring the claim within that time period, you cannot bring it, ever, and cannot recover any money.

For a claim in which someone is killed by another person’s negligence in North Carolina, the statute is typically two years from the date of death, but still within three years.

Claims for minors or people who are incompetent can have different time periods, but they can become very tricky, very quickly. Insurance companies are also under NO OBLIGATION to explain the actual time limits to you. They can’t lie to you about the time, but they don’t have to do anything to help you.

If you don’t consult a lawyer, and therefore fail to bring your claim or file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations, it’s no excuse: the law still says your claim is over.

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