A Florida whistleblower who filed a claim under the False Claims Act against a Florida pharmacy received an award.

Vital Life Institute LLC of Sarasota, Fla agreed to pay $775,000 to resolve allegations of engaging in an illegal kickback scheme in violation of the False Claims Act.  The kickback scheme involved pharmacy reimbursements from Tricare and Medicare.

The False Claims Act incentivizes insider to act as whistleblowers and report fraud against government programs by allowing the whistleblower to receive a percentage of any recovery.  The FCA also protects whistleblowers from workplace retaliation by employers.

The most common types of False Claims Act cases involve healthcare fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, government contract fraud, and government grant fraud.

If you have information involving fraud against the government, it is important to speak with an experienced whistleblower lawyer before reporting the fraud, in order to protect yourself, as well as you potential recovery.

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