Whistleblowers who report illegal kickbacks involving the Medicare and Medicaid programs, may be entitled to receive and monetary reward and protection against workplace retaliation.

The Anti-Kickback statutes prohibits any remuneration or benefit for referring or incentivizes the referral of Medicare and Medicaid patents. A violation of the Anti-Kickback statute is considered a false claim under the False Claims Act.

Some of the most common examples of improper incentive arrangements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Payment of any sort of incentive by a hospital to a physician for referring a patient to the hospital.
  • Use of free or discounted office space or equipment.
  • Free education or training for a referring physician, including staff.
  • Discounted staff services, nursing, labs, billing services or other support.
  • Low interest loans or interest free loans for referrals.
  • Payment for a physician’s travel and conference expenses, included continuing education courses.
  • Allowing a physician to be included in the hospital’s group health insurance plan.

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