Imagine going to the grocery store, but you have no say in what you buy.  The store charges you a price, gives you a bag or two, but you can’t look in the bags until after you’ve paid, and you have no way to return what’s in there. You open the bag to find it’s all turnips and Brussels sprouts.

That’s how insurance companies treat you after a car accident. They want you to settle your case without consulting your doctors and definitely without consulting a lawyer. They also want you do to settle before you even know how your medical condition will resolve, or IF it will resolve.

North Carolina law, amazingly, does not allow you to sue an insurance company for bad faith in a personal injury claim. The companies cannot simply lie to you, but they can withhold information you need. They can also pressure you, harass you, and play tricks to force you into a position of settling before you should.

Insurance companies often don’t explain that they are not paying your medical expenses until and unless you settle, but they make it SOUND like they are “taking care those.” They may not pay all of your property damage, including towing and storage fees for your vehicle, so you suddenly get pressure from the body shop over bills you thought were covered. You may never know what the real time limits are, but the adjusters will tell you, “well, I’m closing my file.” That means NOTHING so long as you are within the legal time limits for your claim, but they make it sound like you’ve already lost.

Once you’ve signed a release there may be nothing more you can do, even with a lawyer.  That’s why you need legal advice BEFORE you agree to anything with an insurance company.

Our lawyers won’t stand for it. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, trucking collision, bicycle wreck, or motorcycle accident, contact us today by clicking here or call us at 919-348-4361.  The consultation is free, and we’ll only take the case if we think you will do better with us than without us. Don’t take home the groceries “sight-unseen”.  Let us open the bag and tell you what’s really in there.

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