If you’re hurt in a car wreck, you don’t just have a claim for medical expenses and pain and suffering. You also have a claim for lost income and for other economic damages. This can include:

■ Lost wages, including overtime and additional wages for shift differentials

■ Reimbursement for PTO you had to use for treatment, whether it’s called vacation, sick leave, or general PTO

■ Future lost income

■ Difference in pay if you have to leave one job and take another where you make less money

■ Money you pay for others to handle household chores, yard work, or childcare

Insurance adjusters won’t tell you about these options. You are, however, legally entitled to these types of recovery, if they’re related to your wreck and you’re injuries. It’s important to keep track of missed time from work and receipts you pay to others for helping you around your home (or on the job.)

These claims can be tricky, and to get all you’re entitled to, you need to consult an experienced lawyer. The personal injury lawyers at the Miller Law Group have over 50 years of combined personal injury experience and over 100 jury trials. Contact us today for a free evaluation or call us at 919-348-4361.

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