There is never a guarantee anything can save a marriage, but a postnuptial agreement can open the door to a free flow of information and opinions.  Remember a postnuptial agreement is simply an agreement entered into after divorce that typically deals with assets and liabilities, and how those items will be distributed in the event of death or divorce.

Remember that alimony cannot be waived in a postnuptial agreement, unlike a prenuptial agreement (that is entered into before you are married).

A postnuptial agreement can give you and your spouse an opportunity to address what is important to both of you. Taking a chance to hear what is important to your spouse can help you get to know them again and create a stronger bond in the marriage. Once the postnuptial agreement is finalized, you and your spouse can move forward with a structured, more open approach to your marriage that makes you both feel confident and heard.

If you continue to have issues in your marriage that leads you and your spouse to dissolve the marriage in the future, the postnuptial agreement can serve as a framework for a separation agreement, making things a bit less complicated.  This can save you both time and money, and not to mention a lot of turmoil.

If you think a postnuptial agreement sounds like something that would help you and your spouse, contact our office and schedule a consult with our experienced Raleigh Family Divorce Attorney today.

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