Postnuptial agreements are similar to prenuptial agreements, as they typically address similar issues. A postnuptial agreement, however, is entered into after a couple is married.

Making a postnuptial agreement can be a healing experience for a married couple. It gives couples the opportunity to discuss issues that are important to their marriage and set a plan to deal with those issues. A family law attorney can help a couple draft a postnuptial agreement by listening to the wants and needs of each spouse, and creating a compromise that will give both spouses peace of mind.

A postnuptial agreement can address all issues that a prenuptial agreement can, including:

  • Each party’s desires about finances they brought to the marriage;
  • Making sure children from a previous relationship will inherit certain property;
  • What goals and plans each spouse has for the marriage;
  • Whether the couple will have children and how they are to be raised (i.e., religion, how many children, etc.);
  • Concerns with roles in the marriage (i.e., if one spouse will manage the home).

It is important to note that waiving alimony is not possible in a postnuptial agreement (in contrast to a separation agreement anticipating divorce).

If you think a postnuptial agreement sounds like something that would help you and your spouse, contact our office and schedule a consult with our Raleigh Family Divorce Attorney today.

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