After being hurt in a car wreck, you likely need medical attention. It can take weeks or months for the other driver’s insurance company to accept fault or even to begin negotiating. If you need treatment, you must not wait that long. If you have health insurance, use that to pay for your treatment.

You should also look at your own auto policy and see if you have Medical Payments Coverage, which lawyers and adjusters call “medpay.” This is not required coverage, so not everyone has it.  If you DO have it, it’s likely in an amount of one or two thousand dollars.

Medpay is “no-fault” coverage, meaning it doesn’t matter who caused the wreck: if you were in a car accident and you were hurt, you can use your medpay if you need medical treatment. Be careful NOT to give this information to the ER, however. Many hospitals will take all your medpay, won’t give you the reductions you are otherwise entitled to, and end up making things much harder for you as you try to get treatment. All of which is, for the moment, entirely legal.  But there are ways to avoid that.

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