If you’ve been injured in a car wreck or have another type of personal injury claim, what happens if the case doesn’t settle? Most personal injury claims settle before a lawsuit is filed. Others are filed, but then settle before they reach the courtroom.  But what are your real options when deciding whether to settle or file suit?

Here are five things to strongly consider BEFORE you agree to file your case as a lawsuit:

•  As the client, YOU have absolute authority to settle your case or file suit; if your lawyer says otherwise, FIRE THEM and find someone else. If your attorney doesn’t agree with you, they have the ability to withdraw from your case, but they can’t FORCE you to do anything;

•  Sometimes the only way to get fair value is get justice from a jury, and our attorneys have the experience to try your case; HOWEVER:

•  There is NO WAY to promise you what the outcome of a trial will be; if your lawyer promises you the outcome, they’re either lying or very, very much mistaken; juries have a LOT of options in their decisions. On the other hand, if you settle your case, then you completely control the outcome;

•  Lawsuits are time-consuming and expensive: there is no way around that, so be prepared for it;

•  Hire a lawyer with experience with settlements AND trying cases, otherwise you’re not getting the full range of advice based in their actual experience.

At the Miller Law Group, we advise all of our clients on all reasonable courses of action, and we give them the pros and cons for each. Regardless of how it might or might not benefit us, we’ll recommend what we think is best for YOUR best interests, every time.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  We’re the Miller Law Group: with over 50 years of experience and more than 100 jury trials, we’ve got your back.

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