You Can File a Claim for Fair Compensation After an Accident

If you’ve been a victim of an auto accident, it’s true that your crash is going to be expensive. Not only will you suffer injuries that could require medical care, but you will also need to replace or repair your vehicle and recover lost wages, travel costs, and other financial losses.

Automotive accidents in the United States cost the American people around $1 trillion every year between the loss of life and productivity alone, as of May 2014. Common claims now look to recover economic losses including lost wages and medical care.

In 2013, the average auto liability claim was for $3,231 of property damage. The same year, bodily injury claims were for an average of $15,443. So who pays for all the damages and injuries caused? Sometimes, it’s the victims themselves. According to some data reports, individual crash victims pay around 26 percent of the costs associated with their own injuries and losses. Third parties, like charities and health care providers, pay another 14 percent.

The main causes of accidents today are speeding, running red lights, driving while distracted, fatigue, and cellphone use; these are all preventable factors in crashes. Simply paying more attention, getting rest, taking breaks, and pulling over when you need to make a phone call could save lives and prevent major injuries from taking place.

Your claim could be more or less than the above, but it’s important that you are fairly compensated for your injuries and financial losses. Our website has more information on how you can make a claim that is fair after your collision.




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