If a family member has been killed by someone else’s negligence, our lawyers are here to answer your questions.

Claims for wrongful death are especially difficult for the family, as you try to balance grief with the need to resolve the claim.

The insurance industry has pressured the legislature to make the process even harder for you: wrongful death claims have only a TWO YEAR statute of limitations, unlike the normal three year period for most personal injury claims.

We can’t change that law, but we can shoulder the burden of dealing with the insurance company.

Wrongful death claims can be difficult, and they have some unusual restrictions on what can be recovered. Loss of society and companionship is just one aspect of the claim that normally does not show up in other personal injury matters. There may also be restrictions on what the estate has to pay to health providers or to repay to health insurance.

Burial and funeral expenses can often be recovered as well.

Our lawyers understand this area of law well, and have handled many wrongful death cases.  Contact us by calling 919-348-4361 or click here.  We’ll provide a free, no-risk evaluation to let you know what we can do to help.

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