Liens and subrogation make up a complicated part of personal injury law.

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A lien is basically just a legal word for a guaranteed right of repayment. Subrogation is the right to “step into someone else’s shoes” to pursue a claim for reimbursement.

If your health insurance pays for your treatment after a car accident or slip and fall injury (and you should ALWAYS use your health insurance for that) then they may have a lien on your recovery.

But you HAVE to be careful.  Any kind of public plan like Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare, or a state or federal employee plan will ALWAYS have an absolute right of repayment. Private plans MAY have a right of repayment.

Many private plans will try to convince you they have rights when they do NOT. That’s fraud, pure and simple. Our lawyers know how to spot those claims and shut them down. We also know how to use the law to make sure that you get any automatic reductions in payments to those plans that DO have a right of recovery.  For example, both Medicare and Medicaid have limitations on what they recover that ONLY work if you hire a lawyer to handle your claim.

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