Whistleblowers : 3 Important Things to Consider

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Whistleblowers who report fraud, abuse, corruption or other wrongdoing should consider 3 important factors.

  1. Are you able to prove the wrongdoing? It is important to obtain documents or recordings that help prove the fraud or abuse.  This may include receipts, records, emails, accounting records and other important documents.
  2. Do not speak to anyone about your intentions? It is best if no one knows that you are considering blowing the whistle on the wrongdoing.  Word may get back to the wrongdoer, which is often an employer, and evidence may be destroyed or your job could be in jeopardy.  Someone may report the wrongdoing before you.  This could have repercussion on any potential whistleblower claim, i.e. the Original Source Rule.
  3. Speak with an experience whistleblower lawyer immediately. An experience whistleblower lawyer will know which whistleblower law protects you the most, and can advise you on the merits of your case.

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