Whistleblower for Medicaid Fraud

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Whistleblowers who uncover Medicaid fraud may be entitled to receive an award and protection from both the state and federal government.  As Medicaid is funded by both state and federal funds, Medicaid fraud harms the public across all levels of government.

The Medicaid program was established as a cooperative program where the federal government pays a percentage of the costs a state incurs for the medical care of individuals who cannot afford to pay their own costs.  Although states are not required to provide Medicaid assistance, all 50 states currently do.  In exchange for receiving federal financial support for state-run Medicaid programs, states must comply with federal Medicaid laws.

Under the federal False Claims Act (FCA) a whistleblower who uncovers fraud against government healthcare programs, like Medicaid, stand to receive a portion of the recover.  This share can be as much as 25% if the government intervenes in the case.  FCA damages are based on three times the amount of actual fraud plus civil penalties.  The Act also provides whistleblowers important protections from workplace retaliation.

North Carolina and many other states also have false claims acts, that track the federal FCA and provide whistleblowers similar rewards for uncovering fraud again the state.  This means that a whistleblower who uncovers Medicaid fraud is eligible to bring a claim under both the federal and state acts.

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