Family law attorneys frequently get asked, “What happens to my child support if I get remarried?” If you currently receive or pay child support, have recently gotten remarried, or are just thinking about getting remarried, you may be wondering how your remarriage impacts child support.

Generally, if you pay child support, getting remarried doesn’t impact the amount of child support that you pay.  Your new spouse’s income is generally not factored in to your child support because they are not responsible for providing financially to any children you have from your earlier relationships.  There are exceptions to this general rule, so be sure to consult with an experienced family law attorney about your specific set of circumstances.

If you receive child support and get remarried, the amount of child support you receive may change. In North Carolina, your new spouse’s income may factor into the amount of child support you receive. Although your new spouse isn’t obligated to contribute to your children, some of their income probably helps you pay for some expenses like mortgage, groceries and utilities. Therefore, more of your income technically can go toward your children, and it may result in a decrease in your child support.

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