Any injury on a holiday is particularly upsetting and frustrating.

If you’re hurt badly enough that EMS takes you to the hospital, just go with it: don’t jeopardize your health.  The turkey and cranberry sauce will be there tomorrow. You need to make sure you’re okay and that you get the treatment you need.

If your injuries aren’t that bad so as to require medical transport, here are a few tips to help:

🍗 Find an urgent care if you’re really hurting; they’re quicker and cheaper than an ER

🍗 Call your family doctor’s after-hours line and set up an appointment for as soon as they can see you

🍗 Take it easy: after a car accident, everyday activities can aggravate your injuries

🍗 Make sure you get any information at the scene that you can: witnesses want to be on their way as well

🍗 Contact a lawyer to get the information you need as soon as possible

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