Hurricanes leave a path of destruction.  Homes, businesses, public buildings, communities can be destroyed by the strong winds and flooding caused by hurricanes, costing billions to local economies and devastating lives.  The United States passed into law a $15 Billion recovery plan for areas hit by Hurricane Harvey.  Federal relief funds will also be issued to help North Carolina and its people and communities to rebuild after the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence.

Federal and State relief brings hope to those who have suffered from the aftermath of a hurricane.  Unfortunately, as history indicates, relief funds also bring out dishonest government contractors looking to take advantage of federal money.

After the devastation from Karina, a whistleblower filed a False Claims Act lawsuit against a government contractor resulting in a $5.3 million recovery for fraudulently billing FEMA.  In another case, State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. was ordered to pay for misclassifying property damage claims as flood damage instead of wind damage to shift responsibility to the federal government.

Hurricane Florence will unfortunately provide an opportunity for dishonest government contractor wishing to abuse the system.  However, whistleblowers that report fraud against the government can make a difference in helping North Carolina recover from Hurricane Florence.

If you become aware of dishonest government contractors, or those defrauding federal or state relief funds, and wish to help stop hurricane relief fraud, contact Miller Law Group for more information.

The North Carolina False Claims Act and the federal False Claims Act protects whistleblowers from retaliation for blowing the whistle.  Whistleblower may also be eligible for monetary rewards for reporting fraud.

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