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Whistleblowers who blow the whistle on illegal activity deserve to have their rights protected.  The lawyers at Miller Law Group have experience protecting the rights of North Carolina whistleblowers.

Whistleblowers have many different state and federal laws that can be utilized to protect them from workplace retaliation, and possibly secure a monetary reward.

For example, North Carolina whistleblowers who report fraud against government programs can utilize the North Carolina False Claims Act and the Federal False Claims Act as a shield and a sword.

The North Carolina False Claims Act, like its federal counterpart, allows whistleblower to bring “qui tam” claims on behalf of the government to recover fraud against government programs.  The most common qui tam claims are cases involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Qui tam lawsuits are filed “under seal”, meaning “in secret.”  This lets the government investigate the claim and decide whether to intervene in the case. If the government choses to intervene, the whistleblower may receive up to 25% of any recovery.

Whistleblowers are important to rooting out both public and private corruption.  It takes courage to blow the whistle because reporting wrongdoing is not without risk.  It is, therefore, critical to speak with an experienced whistleblower lawyer before blowing the whistle on the illegal activity.

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