Healthcare fraud is costing our county billions of dollars.  The Department of Justice reported that in 2017 the government recovered $2.4 billion from the health care industry for fraudulent activity.

To root out fraud in the Medicaid and Medicare programs, the government relies on the state and federal False Claims Acts.  The False Claims Act encourage individuals to “blow the whistle” and report fraud by allowing the whistleblower to receive a percentage of any recovery.

The FCA requires the whistleblower to be the “original source” of the fraud to receive an award.  A whistleblower reports the fraud by filing a lawsuit under seal (in secret).  The federal and/or state governments then decided whether to “adopt” the lawsuit and prosecute the claim.

It is important for the whistleblower to follow all of the legal steps when reporting Medicare and/or Medicaid fraud.  Failure to do so can disqualify the whistleblower from receiving a monetary reward.

The FCA also gives the reporter of fraud, or whistleblower, protection against discrimination by their employer.

Some states that have their own false claims act are North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Miller Law Group has extensive experience representing those who courageously report Medicare and Medicaid fraud.  We fight hard to ensure the whistleblower(s) maximize their monetary reward, and are protected against discrimination by their employer.

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