Raleigh’s Car Accident Lawyers Know that Texting Drivers are FOUR TIMES MORE LIKELY TO CRASH

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The National Safety Council Confirms that a driver who is texting is FOUR TIMES more likely to have a crash than a driver who is paying attention to the road.

Car crashes are also the #1 cause of workplace deaths, and over twenty-five percent of those are caused by cell phone use.

Even drivers who are using a “hands-free” option, that reads texts and let them speak a response, are missing up to FIFTY PERCENT of the information in their driving environment.  This is because their brains are focused on a text or conversation, and not on driving their vehicle. This condition is called “inattention blindness”, and it often has tragic results.

Our personal injury lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience in handling car accident claims and have seen many, many cases involving texting, email use, and otherwise distracted driving.  Sadly, those cases often involve death or severe personal injuries.

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