Car accidents certainly can cause severe injuries. However, trucking collisions can be a whole different level of destruction and injury.

According to Popular Mechanics, a typical combination of a semi truck and a loaded trailer averages out around 80,000 pounds. That’s forty tons.

A Detroit Diesel DD15 engine weighs 2,880, which is almost 400 pounds more than a basic Mini Cooper.  So we’re talking about huge vehicles, and incredible amounts of force when they lose control.

Long-haul carriers and large corporations are placing increasing demands on their drivers to meet tight delivery schedules, and trucking companies aren’t paying as much as they used to, so it’s harder to attract qualified drivers.

Many experts share that driver inattention and error are still the leading causes of trucking collisions.  Since 1997, when anti-lock brakes were required on all semis, the trucks themselves have become safer.  Inattention, however, is a leading cause of wrecks and fatalities, just as with passenger automobiles.  However, when you’re talking about a vehicle that’s 20 to 40 times as heavy as most other vehicles on the road, the cause for concern is far greater.

At the Miller Law Group, our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience in handling trucking claims, including resolving one such claim for over five million dollars.  While that’s no guarantee that your case will be the same, it shows that our lawyers have the experience and commitment to go the distance and hold the companies accountable for the injuries, fatalities, and other damages they cause.

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