Whistleblowers for government contractor fraud are entitled to compensation and protection under the federal False Claims Act and the North Carolina False Claims Act.

Corruption and fraud by government contractors includes billing for services or goods not provided, selling defective products, illegal price gouging, as well as other fraudulent practices.  Anytime the federal and/or state governments contract with the private sector for services or goods, governments are at risk for fraud and abuse.

Some industries of governmental contracts include environmental, engineering, manufacturing, production, industrial, and services.  The most common type of governmental contractor is the defense contractor.

The United States spends over $500 billion dollars a year of taxpayer money on national defense.  Defense or military contractors bid on contracts from the government to provide services and/or goods for our military. These defense contractors provide essential goods, such as: weapons, defense systems, gear, electronics, and food.  Defense contractors also provide critical services, such as: training, intelligence, security, technical support, and engineering.

The government relies on the federal False Claims Act to discovery and recovery fraudulent schemes that are costing the government millions of dollars.  For example, in 2017 a North Carolina defense contractor was order to pay $29 million for defrauding the government.

The False Claims Act incentivizes individuals to report government contractor fraud by allowing the whistleblower to receiver a percentage of any recovery.  The Act requires the whistleblower to be the original sources of the disclosed information and requires the whistleblower to file a lawsuit to preserve any recovery.

It is important for a potential whistleblower of government contractor fraud to seek advice from an experience whistleblower lawyer before deciding to report fraud.

Miller Law Group has extensive experience in representing whistleblowers negotiate the legal requirements of The False Claims Act.  If you are considering reporting defense contractor fraud, or other fraud against the government, it is important that you get the protection you deserve.

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