North Carolina Coronavirus Cancelations: Protecting Your Insurance Rights

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Governor Roy Cooper has advised that all events of more than 100 people should be canceled as the coronavirus continues to spread across our state.  While these cancelations are an important step to ensure the public health, they can also lead to the loss of significant investments for those hosting and organizing events.

From weddings to larger events like concerts, festivals, and sporting events, these recent coronavirus cancelations will cost North Carolinians millions of dollars.  Fortunately, many insurance companies offer event insurance and similar policies for larger events that can insulate you from the costs associated with cancelations.

However, just because you have coverage does not mean that the insurance company will pay you when you have a claim.  If you have canceled an event due to the coronavirus and your insurance company is refusing to pay your event insurance coverage, contact the attorneys at Miller Law Group today for a free consultation.   We will help you mitigate the financial impact of the coronavirus.

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