Miller Law Group Uses CUTTING EDGE TACTICS to Work With Juries

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The Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, part of the original Bill of Rights, provides that “in Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved . . .”.

Nothing is more basic to our system of justice that the right to a jury trial. Of course, in order to have a jury trial, you need jurors.

Insurance companies are TERRIFIED of a well-informed jury.  At the Miller Law Group, we LOVE a jury.

Our lawyers travel across the U.S. to learn jury selection and trial tactics from other top lawyers.

The one thing we’ve learned above all else is this: the best, most cutting-edge tactics are teaching us to focus on what the JURY is interested in. We work hard to anticipate what the jury will care about in your case. Insurance companies just want to protect their profits. Focus groups and constant work on jury selection provide a cutting-edge benefit to your claim.

If you’re been injured in a motorcycle wreck, trucking collision, bicycle wreck, car accident, dog bite or other animal attack, or have been injured as a pedestrian or on someone’s property, let us provide a free, no-risk consultation. Click here to use our website for contact, or call us at 919-348-4361.

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