The truth is, there is no “best” personal injury attorney.  Lots of attorneys do different things well.

You should pick the lawyer or firm who ‘s the best fit for YOU and YOUR case.

Look for this information while researching and ask these questions when you call a law office:

1) How much experience do you have with cases like mine?  Be reasonable when they answer: some cases are unusual, so maybe no one has much experience, but a good lawyer will point that out to you.

2) Do you take cases to trial? Remember you really don’t want someone who doesn’t try cases: the insurance company doesn’t worry about them and is not like to offer as much money. However, you don’t want someone to tries 15 or 20 cases (or more) a year either: it        means they either can’t correctly value cases or they can’t spot problems that can cost you time and money.

3) Are you licensed in the state where the injury happened, or do you have connections there? A good lawyer will have connections with other good lawyers in other jurisdictions.

4) How long is this likely to take? Anyone who gives you a precise number is lying, pure and simple.  A good lawyer knows that lots of things can happen to affect your case, especially the lawyer is doing a good job and fully protecting your interests.


At the Miller Law Group, we have combined experience of over 50 years and 100 trials.  We’ve handled thousands of personal injury claims, from car wrecks to animal attacks to wrongful death cases. We have nation-wide and international networks of lawyers and experts to help in case you’re injured in a state where we aren’t licensed. Most importantly, we don’t take every case.  If we think you can do the case on your own, we’ll tell you what to watch out for, and let you handle it. If we think you can do better with us than with us, then we’ll take your case on a contingency fee, so we only get paid if we get you a result.

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