Florida whistleblowers who report fraud against the government may be entitled to a monetary award and protection under the Florida False Claims Act and the federal False Claims Act.

Both False Claims Acts incentivizes whistleblowers, who are often inside employees, to report fraud by allowing whistleblowers to receive up to 25% of any recovery when the government intervenes.

One of the most common areas of fraud against the government is Medicare and Medicaid fraud.  In 2018, the Department of Justice recovered $2.5 billion in healthcare fraud under the False Claims Act.

Claims filed under the Florida and/or the federal False Claims Acts are called “qui tam” lawsuits.  Claims are filed under seal, meaning in secret, and on behalf of the government.  These qui tam lawsuits remain under seal to allow the government time to determine whether to intervene.

The False Claims Act has specific requirements that must be followed to ensure whistleblowers are eligible for an award.

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