Let’s face it: the coronavirus and the disease it causes, Covid-19, have caught everyone by surprise. The idea of quarantines for disease hasn’t been something our country has faced in recent decades.  In fact, the corona/ Covid quarantines are the first large-scale quarantines in the U.S or Europe since the 1972 Smallpox quarantine in the former Yugoslavia.

A side-effect of quarantines is that many people are going to be mainly confined to their homes, but they may be allowed to leave for medications, food re-supplies, and other emergencies. Which also leaves them time to drink, and then drive.

A recent study by the American Addiction Centers found that 53.5% of people felt that they could drive after drinking alcohol.  The same study found that TEN PERCENT of those people who felt “okay to drive” had already had at least one ticket for DUI in their past.

People with time on their hands, nothing to do, and access to alcohol can lead to tragedy. If you are on the road yourself, or even in your yard, you may not be expecting a drunk driver in the middle of they day when they are out, so you may let your guard down.  Insurance companies for drunk drivers will use those facts to try and turn the table and say you contributed to your injuries.

But driving under the influence is called “gross negligence.” It defeats our old, unfair contributory negligence law.  That doesn’t stop the insurance companies from trying to turn you around, though.

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