People who have never been in an abusive relationship often ask, “Why don’t they just leave?”  The answer isn’t easy – but sometimes leaving can be harder than staying.

There are many reasons people stay in abusive relationships, including:

  • They may believe abuse is normal. Some people have never seen a healthy relationship and may not recognize that theirs is unhealthy.
  • Financial Control.  They may be afraid of what will happen if they try to leave. Many victims rely heavily on their partner for financial support, or they are afraid their partner may try to hurt them.
  • They may feel embarrassed or ashamed that they are involved with an abusive partner. Many victims fear that their families or friends might judge them.
  • They feel love for their partner. Many victims have children with their abuser and want to maintain their family.

Our family law attorney is dedicated to helping clients get out of difficult situations.  Miller Law Group can help you establish a life free from abuse.  Contact our office today to schedule a consult.

If you would like to speak to someone about domestic violence, call the National Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.  If you are in danger, don’t wait – call 911 immediately.

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