Florida’s False Claims Act allows private citizens to bring whistleblower actions against a person or company that commits fraud by submitting false claims for payment from the State of Florida. The Act allows a whistleblower to recover a portion of the overall monetary recovery.


Florida’s False Claims Act is similar to the Federal False Claims Act. Under both, whistleblowers can bring suit alleging practices that defraud the State, including Healthcare Fraud, Medicare Fraud and Medicaid Fraud.


However, Florida’s False Claims Act (Florida FCA) has a few important differences:

Who Can File a Whistleblower Lawsuit:


  • Florida FCA bars actions brought by government employees, including attorneys for the state, current or former state employees who discovered the information through their employment with the state, or relators who received their information from state government employees.


Where to File Your Whistleblower Lawsuit:


  • All Florida FCA lawsuits must be filed in State Court in Leon County, Florida.


Who May be Liable for False Claims:


  • The Florida FCA bars lawsuits against local governments, such as municipalities or counties.


Protections for Whistleblowers:


  • The Florida FCA provides protection for employees who pursue whistleblower action and are retaliated against by their employer. Unlike the Federal FCA, to be protected under the Florida FCA from retaliation, the whistleblower must be employees, not contractors or agents.


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