If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, be careful if you speak to an adjuster.

Insurance adjusters are not working for you, they are actively working AGAINST YOU.

However, they won’t tell you that.

They’ll tell you they are going to cover your medical bills, but they don’t explain how much they’ll pay.

They don’t tell you what will happen with extra liens or subrogation claims.

They don’t tell you about limitations on any rental vehicle they set up, or that their company gets a financial benefit from doing that instead of paying you for loss of use of your vehicle.

They’ll use terms like contributory negligence, sudden emergency, failure to mitigate damages, and other legal terms without telling you that those terms often don’t apply to your situation.  They’ll withhold that you likely have legal defenses to many of the terms they throw at you.

At the Miller Law Group, we’re here to provide you with information: your strongest weapon in the fight to preserve your claim and protect yourself and your family from the insurance industry. We don’t take every claim, because we only want to represent you if we think you’ll be better off with us than without us, but we’re still happy to review your case for free.  Give us a call at 919-348-4361 or click here to set up a risk-free consultation.

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