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Business fraud can present itself in varies of ways.  Sometimes the fraud can be simple, but often fraudulent schemes are complex.  Purchase agreements, business contracts and securities are often the subject of fraudulent practices.

Fraud in the inducement to a contract is when a person or business makes a material misrepresentation of fact, with knowledge that representation is false, and with the intent that the misrepresentation be relied on. Which results in the plaintiff relying on the misrepresentation to his/her detriment.

Failure the disclose may also give rise to a fraud claim.  However,  the plaintiff must generally show there was a contractual, confidential or fiduciary relationship that required a duty to disclose.

North Carolina also has statutory law that is similar to fraud but does not require the element of reliance.  NCGS Chapter 75 Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act holds individuals and businesses liable for actions that are aimed at tricking or deceiving others without reliance on any misrepresentation.

Unlike other states, NC Chapter 75 victims can be either a consumer or a business.

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