Speed kills. It’s that simple.

The faster a car is driving when a collision happens, the more damage it can do, both to other vehicles and to people.

When a larger vehicle, such as a semi truck is speeding, the damage can be astonishing.  Most people can’t imagine what it’s like to be hit by an 80,000 pound vehicle traveling at 80 or 90 miles per hour. Yet it happens almost every day.

When cars or commercial vehicles hit pedestrians, bicyclists, or people on motorcycles, it’s even worse. Those people don’t have the protection of a car and seatbelts wrapped around them.

In North Carolina, excessive speed is one of only a few reasons for a jury to impose punitive damages in an automobile case. The same is true for racing on the highways and roads.

Our lawyers know how to evaluate cases of excessive speed, and what to do about it when those cases come in. There is no “bright-line” standard for what constitutes excessive speed, but our attorneys know how to look at the speeds of the vehicles, the type of roadway involved, and all the surrounding circumstances to help you understand the options for your case and what you may be entitled to recover.

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