Treatment of an injury is a priority for North Carolina employees injured at work. It is advisable to report the injury to an employer as soon as possible, so you can be directed toward treatment at a specific doctor or health care facility. It may be necessary to seek medical attention through a personal medical provider or the nearest hospital when an accident occurs off-site or an injury renders you incapable of making the decision.

Employer notification of a workplace injury kick-starts a process, helping injured Raleigh employees receive workers’ compensation benefits. Benefits for medical expenses and lost wages are tied to an employer’s insurance. The sooner a company is aware of an injury, the sooner the employer can report the injury to an insurer.

Inform a medical provider you are being treated for a work injury. Include the employer’s name when you relay this information. Bills for your care then will be handled as part of a workers’ compensation claim.

Following treatment, the North Carolina Industrial Commission advises contacting the head or owner of your company of employment. Obviously, some injuries prevent employees from taking care of this important task. It is permissible to have a friend, relative, health care facility or attorney do this job on your behalf.

While it’s not always possible immediately, eventually your version of how the accident occurred should be put in writing. A short, written statement including the accident details and date should be submitted to an employer within 30 days. An attorney can help you draft this statement.

The length of time you receive workers’ compensation benefits is based upon your ability or inability to work. You may run into disagreements about the medical care, your health status, wage loss payments or other issues that a lawyer can help you resolve. In addition, attorneys can assist with third-party legal claims for accidents caused by negligence.

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