Virginia Whistleblower – Understanding the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act

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Whistleblowers from Virginia who uncover fraud against the government are afforded important protections and offered significant rewards under state and federal law.

In addition to the federal False Claims Act—that combats fraud against federal funds—the state government has enacted the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act, allowing whistleblowers to fight waste, fraud, and abuse directed at Virginia.

These state and federal acts have many identical provisions.  For example, both measure damages as three time the amount of fraud.  Both acts allow whistleblowers to share in any recovery, often at around 25% of the total recover.  The state and federal acts also allow whistleblowers important protections if they face workplace retaliation for bringing the alleged fraud to light.

If you have uncovered fraud against the government, contact the whistleblower attorneys at Miller Law Group today for a free and confidential consultation.

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