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S.C. Whistleblowers who report fraud against government programs can receive protection and an award under the False Claims Act.

The most common government programs that fall prey to fraud are the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  Whistleblowers who report healthcare fraud may be entitled to receive a percentage of any recovery.

The False Claims Act allows whistleblowers to file “qui tam” complaints on behalf of the government.  These complaints are filed under seal to allow the government time to investigate the claim.  If the intervenes in the case, a whistleblower may receive up to 25% of any recovery

Attorney Butch Bowers, of Columbia, S.C., has teamed with the top-rated whistleblower lawyers at Miller Law Group to help protect whistleblower report fraud against government programs.

The most common cases under the False Claims Act are cases involving: Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud, Government Contract Fraud, and Research Grant Fraud.

It is important to speak with an experienced whistleblower lawyer prior to report the fraud.  The False Claims has specific requirements that must be followed, or a whistleblower may forfeit certain right to recovery.

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Whistleblower Protection Under the False Claims Act

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