South Carolina whistleblowers who report healthcare fraud may be entitled to compensation and protection against workplace retaliation.

The federal False Claims Act incentivizes whistleblowers to report Medicare and Medicaid fraud by rewarding whistleblower with up 25% of any recovery, when the government intervenes in the claim.

The FCA also protects whistleblowers from workplace retaliation by an employer.  Retaliation includes, among other actions, demotions, reduction in pay, firing, exclusion from work projects.  A whistleblower who has suffered from retaliation may be entitled to damages that may include 2x back pay, special damages and attorney’s fees.

Reporting fraud can be intimidating, whistleblowers risk repercussions if the claim is not valid.  That is why Miller Law Group is available for a free confidential consultation.  We gladly help whistleblowers evaluate the risks and benefits of reporting fraud.  Contact us at 919-348-436, our hotline, or email us for a free consolation.

Please see Advice for Whistleblowers by W. Stacy Miller, II.