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North Carolina has a very good, broad statute set out in Chapter 75 of North Carolina’s General Statutes.

The law is called the Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and while it protects consumers from unfair and deceptive business practices, it also protects businesses.

This law has broad provisions, and if the Court finds that someone violated Chapter 75, the Court is REQUIRED to triple your damages. You are also allowed to seek punitive damages against someone who has committed an unfair or deceptive trade practice. You have to select either the punitive damages the Court or jury awards, OR the triple damages based on actual losses.  However, you do not have to make that choice until AFTER you know what both numbers are, and you are allowed to accept the larger number.

Litigation costs and attorneys’ fees may also be charged to the other party if you win your case.

A single breach of a contract is not enough to violate Chapter 75. However, showing a pattern of such breaches can be considered a violation.

These cases are highly fact-specific, and require an experienced attorney to correctly navigate. Contact us today for a free, no-risk analysis of your case by lawyers with over fifty years of combined experience and over 100 trials.

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