The availability of injunctive relief against the federal government has long been a powerful exception to the government’s sovereign immunity.  If you were harmed by an unconstitutional act of the government, Miller Law Group can help you assess your possible remedies.

In addition to monetary damages, civil rights plaintiffs may be able to receive injunctive relief against the government.  Injunctive relief compels a defendant to carry out a specific act or desist from a wrongful act.

The Supreme Court has long recognized that government officials who are acting unconstitutionally in their official capacity or acting pursuant to an unconstitutional law are not immune from suit.  Similarly, under 5 U.S.C. § 702, the federal government has waived its sovereign immunity in suits for injunctive relief.  This means that the federal government itself, as well as its agencies and officers, may be sued in federal court to obtain injunctive relief.

If you or a loved one was harmed by an unconstitutional act of the government, contact Miller Law Group today for a free consultation or call us at (919) 348-4361.  Our experience civil rights attorneys can help you hold the government accountable.

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