Consumer fraud is one of the leading complaints received by law enforcement.  Organized criminals, computer hackers, and even foreign governments can subject you to fraud.  At the Miller Law Group, our attorneys have years of experience in helping clients fight back.  Even more importantly, though, we’d rather give you some tools to avoid being a victim in the first place.

While it’s easy to think of shadowy figures in dark rooms of computers and telephones trying to rip you off, it’s important to remember that credit card companies, banks, and even your own insurance company can be guilty of fraud.  It can also be easier to fall into a trap with a company that you already do business with and feel like you know.  For example, it’s illegal for a mortgage servicing company to charge you a fee if you pay your mortgage online or over the phone. This fee is often called a “convenience fee” or a “service fee” and is typically fairly small.  However, a three dollar fee charge on every payment over the life of a standard thirty-year mortgage can cost you over a thousand dollars! Likewise, if you have declared bankruptcy, it’s illegal for your credit card companies to call and ask about when they’ll be paid their balances: that should all be part of your bankruptcy.

Most people give out far more information than they should, and often mistakenly pay fees that they are being charged illegally.  Always check your bank statements, credit card statements, and bills for any indication that you are being charged ANYTHING other than your basic payment.  If you see something you don’t understand or don’t recognize, don’t assume it’s okay! Call the bank or company and ask what the charges are for, why you have to pay them, and then ask them to put it all in writing and send it to you.  Sadly, we live in a world where many businesses don’t see their customers are part of a family: they see the customers as prey.  Just taking these few steps could save you significant money.  If you think you’ve already been the victim of fraud, contact us for a free consultation.  The Miller Law Group is even now gearing up to help numerous victims of the mortgage “service and convenience fee” fraud referred to above.  If you’ve already suffered at the hands of one of these companies, call us today for a free consultation.  Remember: if a mortgage company is doing this to you, they’re doing it to others too. By standing up for yourself, you can take a stand to protect others as well.